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Day 2: Second verse, better than the first!

So today started off pretty great! Although, night without fiance was pretty restless, I didn’t like it so much :( Anyhow, so I got up early as planned, worked out as planned (HOORAY!!) had a healthy breakfast, showered, dressed and made it work on time! Work was stressful, but not the worst thing ever, and then I got a haircut after work. wohoo! love that! I even got to skype with fiance after work! and he made THE CUTEST FACE ON THE PLANET and got frozen!! haha it was AWESOOMMMEEE!! Just look at this mug!!

Oh my gosh I’m marrying the cutest man in the world! :) 

So lunch and dinner weren’t the greatest, but I did get a workout in today so I feel okay about it. I will be up tomorrow morning for another workout! Hooray for motivation! ooh that reminds me!!! Wedding is officially 8 months from TODAY!! WOW!!! I cannot even wait for the big day! It’s going to be so much fun!

I’ll see ya’ll (that’s fiance + tumbler robot :-/) tomorrow!

Stay classy!

Day 1: Off to a bad start

Well, today didn’t go so well. ugh. First, my alarm didn’t go off because of some weird iPhone glitch. What is this Y2K??? sheesh. So then I got out the door basically on time, had to say goodbye to fiance :’( wahhh and got to the bus and realized I didn’t have my phone. Great, no problem, no one really calls me that can’t wait for a call back right? Well, get to work and fiance tells me i have missed calls and texts saying my Grammie is in the hospital because she had a heart attack. WHAT! wow. poor Grammie!! Have no fear, she’s out of surgery and doing well, just a little weak. My Grammie is a little tiny lady! I’m sure it took a lot out of her!!

Anyhow, so then work is crazy…like super crazy. Running around all morning, things being piled on and on and on me….grrrrr!! So frustrating.  ANYHOW….so decided to go get my phone from fiance in the middle of the day so wouldn’t you know, forgot to get lunch. by the time I knew it, it was 5:00 and I’m still working, still no food. yikes.  So off work, on to an appointment, 6:00 now and no food. Appointment over, walking to subway, see H&M decide to try on dress for friend’s wedding, now 7:00 no food. Off to subway, then transfer to bus (which was there in just a few minutes! so yay for that!! ) then home. it’s now 7:30 and I finally got some food in me. I almost wasn’t even hungry at that point, but had a major headache so needed to eat!! whew!!!

Wow. That sounds horrible. Just really awful! So another part of this whole new year thing is that I will try to be positive! So, there were some not so horrible things today, I got a lot done at work, I got to see my fiance for an unexpected coffee break which I loved to bits! I got to come home to my amazing new apartment and look at how pretty it is, I had food in the fridge that I could eat and tv that I could watch. All in all, it wasn’t an awful day, I just needed to vent about the tough parts and figure out the good ones. Here’s hoping that tomorrow starts with a workout, and ends with something delicious at a reasonable time for dinner. Cheers to that!

Stay classy New York.


New Year, New You

Well, I’ve never done this before, so why not start now?? There are so many exciting things going on this year, it might be nice to have a record of all of it! The wedding is officially 7 months away and the workout starts tomorrow! I did P90x for 4 weeks from October-November and then sort of let myself go over the holidays. I really liked how I felt when I was working out and eating right and, as much as I like the idea of eating whatever I want and eating things that are bad for me, i HATE the way that I am feeling right now. Like seriously hate. So tomorrow it begins. I will attempt to stick with this blogging thing and post my progress. Stay tuned…..

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